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Some of our MIST user’s feedback/comments:

Thank you very much for your attention and assistance. By the way, Megan loves this software! - Pam S.

The MIST program is so easy to use! Training is simply a breeze! We were amazed at all the things it could do for our parish! Great job, Ray! - Reverend Rick J., Pastor

Just wanted to tell you again how much we LOVE MIST!!!! It has made our lives so much easier!!!! Thank you! I did have someone email me about it and I raved to her about it! Feel free to pass my contact onto anyone who wants to talk to someone who uses the program.. - Blessings, Mary Beth P.

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©2008-2019 Copyright Clar Software Services, LLC. All rights reserved.

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We continue to be so grateful to you for your excellent program. We opened our 2015 Mass book today. It took me about 3 hours to set it up compared to 30 hours in the past! Thank you! - Joanne

I have only good things to say about the MIST software.  It has helped us become more efficient in scheduling mass intentions.  I use it to copy the mass intentions into our weekly bulletin which helps me to eliminate incorrect spellings of names. I am very happy with your support. You’ve adjusted the program to fit our specific needs whenever needed and have always returned my calls in a very timely manner. Thanks Ray! - Bettyanne R.

Loving the program! It is awesome. I always thought there should be a program like this.  - Fr. John B., Pastor

Hi, Ray! I’m really enjoying MIST!! It makes it a lot easier and faster for us to schedule Masses!! I cringe when I remember how we used to schedule Masses—it was an ordeal! Thanks so much for your help and kindness through our transition! - Thanks, Carol

I have found the Mass Intention Software MIST to be a most comprehensive piece of software and totally suited to use in a parish setting.  It not only keeps track of Mass Intentions, the donor, the stipend, etc. but the Ministry scheduling part of the software makes assigning individuals to the various parish ministries in schedule form comprehensive and easy.  I highly recommend this software to anyone who must keep track of Mass Intentions, stipends and ministry scheduling. Sincerely, - Rev. Micah E. K.

I am especially recommending your program to any parish with more than one priest -- it's great ! With minimum effort it gives me the greatest confidence that we are fulfilling the intention of the donors, documenting funds appropriately, and finding it easy to communicate effectively with priests and parishioners.—Fr Jim D., a most pleased customer!

I’m delighted that you’re continuing to develop your product since I think it’s invaluable…..The other day  I needed to find an intention, and it was great to just do a search, instead of leafing through page after page looking for the name. Thanks! - Bee K.

Thank you for your message. I will be contacting you regarding possibly tweaking one of the reports—or adding one. Will get back to you with details eventually. We’re loving the system! - Carole

We are so happy with the upgrades!  Your program has made our life so much easier.  Now having the ability to make a quick and easy search I find so exciting.  Feel like doing the “Happy Dance”.  Thank you. - Georgeann

... In addition to the software itself, the best part of this process has been Ray's willingness to help at all stages.  He is very quick to respond to questions or problems I'm having and has the patience of a saint in helping me to learn some "Windows steps" that I, as a Macintosh user, have to learn. He has also been very responsive to changing parts of the software when seem to do what I want or expect.  I am very happy with this product. - Rev. S.

I have been very happy with our purchase of the MIST software program.  I was given a very detailed training session and we were up and running the next day!  The program is very user friendly and provides for all of our needs regarding scheduling and record keeping.  Tech support is also very accommodating and willing to make any necessary changes to the program to fit our unique needs.  I would highly recommend this program to others.  -  Cindy

It’s great! I love it!!! So much easier than handwriting it all in a book!!! - Donna B.

I have used MIST for many years at St. Stanislaus and in my previous assignment in Nebraska before that. I recommend it without any reservations.  It is a great product -  the only one of it’s kind that I could find, and Ray will be there for support 110%.  - Fr. John


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