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While these are the sample data entry forms and reports from the Demo version, they contain the same features and functionality you would receive in your version.†

An easy way to enter Mass Intention requests with the option of entering scheduling preferences for auto-scheduling and many other features to enable staff to save time, reduce errors, and search and sort requests. Donation Receipt processing lets you print a receipt confirmation at any time.

Quickly see your computerized Mass Calendar a week at a time. Use this form to enter & schedule intentions; insert extra Masses for weddings, funerals, holy days, etc.; change a weekly Mass location or time or block it out; print a preview or paper copy of the Calendar. Navigate forwards and backwards through the Calendar using buttons or by selecting from a date list.

Select the Weekly Mass Schedule to print by week and location. A print preview is displayed and you can print a paper copy or create a PDF file or snip/paste directly into your bulletin. Also, you have the option to export the bulletin content to Word for further modification. Itís easy for us to customize the output to match your needs.

You can print a preview or paper copy of the Mass Calendar details for any chosen from-thru dates. You can also add filters to the report on the Intention, Requestor, Location and Celebrant values. Also, you can choose the Datasheet View which allows for easy sorting, and copy/paste to a spreadsheet like Excel. The end of the report displays Total Donations and Counts.


A similar feature exists for the Mass Intention Requests that have been entered with filters and the Datasheet View which allows for easy sorting, and copy/paste to a spreadsheet like Excel.

You can produce a Monthly Financial Report with counts and donations received and breakdowns by Celebrant with Stipend and Bination calculations. Corrections to past months can be made and the reports can be re-produced as needed.

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Insert Weddings, Funerals, Holy Day Masses; and Extra Intention Slots for a Mass.

With your purchase we include your Mass Intentions weekly listing to match your current Bulletin layout.†


Enabling you to copy and paste directly onto your Bulletin publishing document.


This improves productivity and reduces the possibility of errors in the Bulletin.

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©2008-2016 Copyright Clar Software Services, LLC. All rights reserved.

Use this form to print Letter notifications to the addressee or send Emails or print phone lists.† As notifications are processed they are noted and dropped from the form listing. If necessary notices can always be re-listed, printed or emailed.

The notification letter can be written by you with your choice of: text; substitution variables; addressee window, return window or no window envelope; multiple Intentions per letter; and up to 3 language versions. The Email version has similar options. The notification can be sent to a 3rd party (ie The Family of ...)

Text Box: At any time this Confirmation/Receipt page can be previewed and printed. The top copy can be given to the requestor and the bottom copy can be kept with the donation. Bilingual versions also included.

This is just a sample of a Bulletin listing layout.† Yours will be custom built to meet your Bulletin needs.

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