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To get a no obligation full-featured “demo” version of the MIST software to review on your own computer please email and include your name and contact information and the name and location of your parish. An email will be sent to you today with a link to a self-installing download of the demo. The email will also include some additional instructions and information about the demo download. If you have any questions or problems installing or using the demo please phone or email right away so you may be helped.


Thank you, and your feedback is always welcome.


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You may have special needs that require customization of the MIST software. We are happy to offer customizations you may need for your parish at very reasonable hourly rates. It’s possible for you to request changes (often at no additional cost) to your software when needed, before, during and after installation because you will have your very own version of MIST.

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©2008-2019 Copyright Clar Software Services, LLC. All rights reserved.

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