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The MIST purchase process goes like this:

1. The buyer will provide either a Purchase Order# or email a purchase request from someone that has the authority to make the purchase.

2. The one-time cost for the Bill of Sale is determined based on how many userís computers the software will be installed on. At this time it costs $395 for the first computer plus $95 for each additional computer. You are buying a non-exclusive license to use the software on the number of userís computers you install the software onto.

3. If you have any immediate enhancements or changes that you need, you will receive a fixed cost quote and it will be added to the Bill of Sale. Simple cosmetic changes are usually free. If you do have a cost for your customization it is a one-time cost that covers all your userís computers.

4. If you use a server or other networked storage device, then that is where the data should reside, whenever possible.

5. The normal Mass schedule for your church and all locations (other churches, Shrines, Sanctuary Lights, etc.) will be gathered and used to set up the MIST Mass Calendar. Additionally, reference table values and other set up information is gathered and entered for you. MIST will also be customized for your Bulletin Mass Intention listing and your letterhead. MIST will be ready for you to use after installation.

6. A review of the set up data will take place by phone with your representative prior to installation of the MIST† files.

7. Your MIST installation package is created and placed in your own folder on our website. Because each buyerís MIST files are kept separately, you can make customizations over time to meet your specific needs.

8. You will receive an email with a link to your MIST installation package along with a PDF file of the Bill of Sale. Payment is due upon successful installation. If desired, we are happy to do all or any part of the MIST installation using remote assistance; and we are happy to work directly or indirectly with your IT support staff or contractor to ensure a successful installation.

9. An introductory training session is included, using remote assistance, at the time of installation or as desired. Further training sessions are included and provided to staff as needed and when needed.

10. Help is available by phone, remote assistance and email to make sure your installation is completed and to help with training and any other issues, problems or questions that may come up.

11.  You will not be billed for any ongoing license fees, user fees or maintenance fees. Also, you do not need to have any other 3rd party software installed to use the MIST software.

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