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Mass Intentions Scheduling & Tracking Software

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Quickly see your computerized Mass Calendar a week at a time. Use this form to enter & schedule intentions; insert extra Masses for weddings, funerals, holy days, etc.; change a weekly Mass location or time or block it out; print a preview or paper copy of the Calendar. Navigate forwards and backwards through the Calendar using buttons or by selecting from a Weekly pick list.

Insert Weddings, Funerals, extra Holy Day Masses; and Extra Intention Slots for a Mass directly into the  Mass Calendar.

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©2008-2019 Copyright Clar Software Services, LLC. All rights reserved.

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The left pane is where the intention details are entered.

The fields with the yellow background are required entry.

The fields with red labels are maintained by MIST.

Optionally, the preferences section allows for Auto-Schedule of the intention based on Mass date, time and these other fields. Using the preference priorities to locate an available Mass and then schedule the intention to the Mass.

Default values are available for fields such as: donation amount and date received. A receipt number and method of payment is available if desired.

The address, phone and email fields are used if notification by letter, phone or email is selected.

Typically, intentions are scheduled by going to a particular week in the Mass Calendar (right-hand pane) and selecting the Mass desired, if available, and then clicking on the Schedule Intention button.

If there are multiple intentions waiting to be scheduled you can use this list to move through the intention records. If your policy is to schedule an intention as soon as received then there should be no intentions waiting when you open this form.

The right-hand pane shows your Mass Calendar a week at a time. You can control on which day your week begins and which week your calendar opens to. You can navigate forward and backwards using the 1-week and 4-week arrow buttons or the “Week of” pick list. The perpetual Mass Calendar uses your normal weekly Mass schedule to project 3 years into the future. The calendar is adjusted automatically should you have permanent changes to your normal schedule.

You can print a confirmation/receipt and hand the top half to the requestor for review and keep the bottom half with the donation, if so desired.


There is an English only and bilingual versions available to choose from.


If multiple intentions are requested a single-paged “grouped” version may be printed.

Click on this “!” button to display the details of an intention request.

Click on the “…” Clear button to “un”schedule the intention to the Mass. The intention will now show on the left-hand pane as it is now waiting to be scheduled to another Mass. No need to re-type the intention info.

There are a number of locations from which to print the confirmation/receipt.


The Comment field can be used to show the liturgical day and readings in the bulletin listing, if so desired.


The Block checkbox can be used to stop an intention from being scheduled to that Mass.

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Used to enter intentions and schedule them to Masses.

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