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Version 6.0.1

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Mass Notifications


Use this form to print a notification letter or send a notification email message. The letter will show all the Mass Intentions for the Addressee on the same page as long as the Addressee fields are exactly the same value for each Mass Intention Request scheduled. You can copy/paste the Addressee fields in this form. If the Addressee field is blank for the request then the Requested by field value is used instead. The notification will be generated in the Language of choice; up to 3 Languages can be made available. To reprint a letter or resend an email go to the Mass Intentions Request form; locate the request; and blank out the Date Notified field.

Print Weekly Mass Schedules


With your purchase we include your Mass Intentions weekly listing to match your current Bulletin layout, enabling you to copy and paste into your Bulletin publishing document. This improves productivity and reduces the possibility of errors in the Bulletin. And large font hardcopy may be printed.

Print Mass Calendar Listing


Used to print, display or export details from the Mass Calendar.


Print Mass Intention Requests Listing


Used to print, display or export details from the Mass Intention Requests.


Print Mass Intention Receipts Listing


Used to print, display or export Receipt details from the Mass Intention Requests.


Print Financial & Stipend Reports


Generate a Monthly Financial Report with breakdowns by Celebrant and Location. Your particular formulas and procedures are used to produce a Stipend Report including how you handle bination occurrences.


Prayer Requests


Enables the entry of Prayer Request details and donations modified to your particular needs.


Print Prayer Requests Listing


Used to print, display or export details from Prayer Requests.


Parishioners Ministries


Used to enter, maintain and display details about Parishioner Ministries and tie to the Mass Calendar.


Archived Mass Intention Requests


You can specify when a Mass’ Intention(s) is moved from the “active” set to the “archived” set. Reports and listings may include archived and will be marked by an “*” asterisk.


Settings and Reference Tables


Settings and Reference Tables are initially set up by us using your Mass Schedule and other information obtained from your parish website and information supplied by you. This is all done before installation, however, the data may be added, updated and in some cases deleted, as necessary, after installation and over time.


These Reference Tables are used to reduce staff data entry time by allowing staff to pick field values from lists or by keying in just a few letters; display default choices; and keep data consistent.  Staff may also pick names, addresses, cities and zip values from self populating lists.

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Mass Intention Requests On Hold


Sometimes intention requests are not scheduled at the time of receipt, for any number of reasons. If you don’t have this need then this selection will not be shown in your Menu. If you do have this need then this is a place you can enter the information and keep these intentions separate from the others. When you are ready to schedule these then you just change the Location value from “On Hold” to a Mass location, ie “St Ann”, and the intention will then show up as waiting to be scheduled in the Mass Calendar menu item.

Unannounced/Private Mass Intentions


Sometimes intentions are offered but are not published in the bulletin or mentioned during a normal Mass. You may have intentions that are offered by a priest in a private setting. Or maybe you have intentions that are sent to a sister parish or to the diocese or elsewhere to be offered by a priest.


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